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How we approach the photography for a client depends very much on their needs and the intended use of the images. Who they are to be aimed at and the market in which the images will be used.

Photographing food for a restaurant or bistro, tends to be quite different to photographing food for Gettys or a recipe book. With a restaurant, our aim is to include the ambience of the restaurant, which can be attained by including out of focus lit areas of the bar, or branded condiments and cutlery etc. Often the plates are particular to that restaurant. We are aiming to create a familiarity within the image for past customers, hoping to stir them to return, as well as new customers, whom we are hoping to tempt into a welcoming environment.
When shooting for a stock library, advertising or promotional images for a manufacturer or even a recipe book, there isn’t the familiarity aspect to draw on. No brand, house crockery or cutlery etc. We have to build the whole set from scratch, sometimes to a brief, sometimes not.

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