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How we approach the photography for a client depends very much on their needs and the intended use of the images. Who they are to be aimed at and the market in which the images will be used.

Photographing food for a restaurant or bistro, tends to be quite different to photographing food for Gettys or a recipe book. With a restaurant, our aim is to include the ambience of the restaurant, which can be attained by including out of focus lit areas of the bar, or branded condiments and cutlery etc. Often the plates are particular to that restaurant. We are aiming to create a familiarity within the image for past customers, hoping to stir them to return, as well as new customers, whom we are hoping to tempt into a welcoming environment.
When shooting for a stock library, advertising or promotional images for a manufacturer or even a recipe book, there isn’t the familiarity aspect to draw on. No brand, house crockery or cutlery etc. We have to build the whole set from scratch, sometimes to a brief, sometimes not.

Take a look at the short video, and then get in touch.


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Bartle Hall, Lea, Preston


Bartle Hall is one of my favourite venues, not only for food photography, but also for weddings too.

They often have special events, with menus to match, so it’s worthwhile keeping an eye on the local press, or their social media.

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Kathryn Whitehill, Masterchef Competitor


I was asked to visit a young lady in Heswall, Wirral who needed some food photography. She has a food blog entitled Simply cooked with love, and needed some new images to help kickstart her new site revamp.

A lovely lady, and a good resource for home cooking recipes.

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Food Photography for Getty Images


There’s a definite and distinct difference between shooting food for a restaurant or a hotel, and shooting food for Getty Images.

With a restaurant or hotel, we want to show the food as the client would see it. Hence, it’s cooked and styled by the chef of the establishment, and shot on location. The props used are of course all the items that are to be found at the client’s premises, helping to firmly identify the image with the client.

Images shot for Getty, on the other hand, tend not to have a link to an establishment, so we don’t have an established look or atmosphere to incorporate into the image. We build our own from scratch.

This particular food photography is quite likely to be used for recipe or cookery books, or magazine editorials etc.

The food styling was done by Adam Dalton, who can be found on LinkedIn.

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Whiteleys Garden Centre, Mirfield


The cafe at Whiteleys Garden Centre in Mirfield, West Yorkshire, is quite a warren of interesting and varied items for sale. From plants to garden furniture, they also sell pet supplies, household goods and all sorts of interesting little do-dads that cause me to spend more time there than I should, when I’m photographing food for their cafe.

Well worth a day out!

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Food Photography in Preston



Whilst these images were taken quite some time ago, they still remain in use by the Fusion Room on Friargate in Preston, mostly for their social media outlet, although they are still seen on their website too.

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