The Team


Michael Sewell

Who: Michael A. Sewell

What: Managing Director / Senior Photographer / Elinchrom Ambassador / Olympus Mentor /

Background: Michael has over 35 years experience in commercial photography, and current clients include Getty Images, The Marriott & Macdonald Hotel groups amongst many others.

Skills: Known for his creativity and lighting skills, Michael’s attention to detail and patience for the perfect picture help him create stunning images.


Who: Wayne Myers

What:  Photographer

Background: Wayne has a passion for photography and recently completed a BaHons in Photography.

Skills: Wayne has strong technical lighting, post processing skills and people skills.




Who: Anne Sewell

What:  Business Development Manager / Assistant Photographer

Background: Extremely well organised and very much a systems person (Her OCD tends to be a bonus here)

Skills: Has an eye for detail and often sees opportunities others miss.